--- Individual Class References: ---

1. Jan. 23:


    -Course description and syllabus

    -Setting up the Microcontroller ("Hello, World.")

    HelloWorld.c - C code for a simple Windows app

    -Examples of Programs and Projects

    -Intro to E_Proj2_SP17 Pt.1 as .pdf

    -Intro to E_Proj2_SP17 Pt.2 as .pdf

    code examples E_Proj_1.zip



  1. Watch MAKE Electronics Videos (as needed.)
  2. Install Dev Environments for: Arduino, Processing and PureData
  3. Maybe buy an Arduino if you would like to.

2. Jan. 30:

    Microcontroller programming in C

    Fun with C Functions
   - Schematic representation of switches
   - Arduino switch sensor (pull-up resistor) tutorial
   - Learning Processing
   - 'Hello World!' -Processing Video
   - Analog/Digital Sensor Interaction with Processing

3. Feb. 6:

    Arduino and Processing (slides)
    Processing Examples (start) -download
    Interactive Examples -download
    Sensor interaction with Processing
    -Intro to Flow Control Programming

4. Feb. 13:

    Numbers vs. ASCII
    Issues with the Arduino and Serial Data
    Serial Interactivity example (.pdf)
    Processing examples (start) -code
    Processing Interactivity examples -code

    Variable Scope / Sensors / Servo Motors

    Binary and Hex numbering (Video)

5. Feb. 20:

    "President's Day"--no classes

6. Feb. 27:

    Introducing Desktop interactivity assignment

    Using Arduino serial communication

7. March. 6:

- "Spring Break"--no classes

8. March 13:

    Serial interactivity

    Microcontroller / Desktop interactivity Assignment

    3_13 example files

    Processing video examples

    Introducing flow-control programming: pd

    BEST pd Tutorial series

9. March 20:

    Max/MSP/Jitter and video Interactions

    pd for Multimedia

    Download pd Intro examples

    - Intro to Data Visualization

10. March 27:

   Continuing with flow control programming

    Beginning Networking examples
    OSC example files

11. April 3:

    Visual transistor driver example
    Cheap, Small Stepper
    Example code for Small Stepper


12. April 10:

    -Introduction to Data Visualization
    -Object Oriented Programming examples
    -Data Visualization examples
    -Networked interactions

13. April 17:

    - "Patriot's Day"--no classes

14. April 24:

    - Visualizing chaos in dynamic nonlinear systems
    -     - Complexity Slides

    - Code Examples: - download -

    Raspberry Pi and alternative platforms
    Notes on Project Descriptions

    - Time for working in class.

15. May 1:

    -(Draft of Final Project Descriptions)

    - Slides for Visualizing Chaotic Behavior
    - Complexity Introduction
    - Complexity Explorer -free courses
    - Visualizing chaos in dynamic nonlinear systems

   - Visiting Artist/Scientist: Melanie Mitchell

16. May 8:

    (Final project descriptions due.)

    In-class Workday

17. May 15:

    - Final Project Presentations