--- Individual Class References: ---

1. Jan. 22:


    -Course description and syllabus

    -Setting up the Microcontroller ("Hello, World.")

    HelloWorld.c - C code for a simple Windows app

    -Examples of Programs and Projects

    -Intro to E_Proj2_SP18 Pt.1 as .pdf

    -Intro to E_Proj2_SP18 Pt.2 as .pdf

    code examples Code.zip



  1. Watch MAKE Electronics Videos (as needed.)
  2. Install Dev Environments for: Arduino, Processing and PureData
  3. Maybe buy an Arduino if you would like to.

2. Jan. 29:

    Microcontroller programming in C

    Fun with C Functions
   - Schematic representation of switches
   - Arduino switch sensor (pull-up resistor) tutorial
   - Learning Processing
   - 'Hello World!' -Processing Video
   - Analog/Digital Sensor Interaction with Processing

3. Feb. 5:

    Arduino and Processing (slides)
    Processing Examples (start) -download
    Interactive Examples -download
    Sensor interaction with Processing
    -Intro to Flow Control Programming

4. Feb. 12:

    Numbers vs. ASCII
    Issues with the Arduino and Serial Data
    Serial Interactivity example (.pdf)
    Processing examples (start) -code
    Processing Interactivity examples -code

    Binary and Hex numbering (Video)

5. Feb. 19:

    "President's Day"--no classes

6. Feb. 26:

    Desktop interactivity assignment

    Using Arduino serial communication with pd

7. March. 5:

- "Spring Break"--no classes

8. March 12:

    Processing video examples

    Flow-control programming: pd and Max

    BEST pd Tutorial series

9. March 19:

    Max/MSP/Jitter and video Interactions

    pd for Multimedia

    Download pd Intro examples

    - Intro to Data Visualization

10. March 26:

   Continuing with flow control programming

    Beginning Networking examples
    OSC example files

11. April 2:

    Visual transistor driver example
    Cheap, Small Stepper
    Example code for Small Stepper


12. April 9:

    -Introduction to Data Visualization
    -Object Oriented Programming examples
    -Data Visualization examples
    -Networked interactions

13. April 17:

    - "Monday Schedule on a Tuesday"

14. April 23:

    - Visualizing chaos in dynamic nonlinear systems
    -     - Complexity Slides

    - Code Examples: - download -

    Raspberry Pi and alternative platforms
    Notes on Project Descriptions

    - Time for working in class.

15. April 30:

    -(Draft of Final Project Descriptions)

    - Slides for Visualizing Chaotic Behavior
    - Complexity Introduction
    - Complexity Explorer -free courses
    - Visualizing chaos in dynamic nonlinear systems

   - Visiting Artist/Scientist: Melanie Mitchell

16. May 7:

    OSC example files

    (Final project descriptions due.)

    In-class Workday

    Links sent by Dr. Melanie Mitchell

    David Cope computer generated music

    Fake voices through A.I.

    A.I. artistic "style transfer"

    Hatsune Miku, software pop star

    A.I. Beatles song

17. May 14:

    - Final Project Presentations