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Selected Exhibitions and Performances 2023 "Over the Rainbow" -Group Show New Art Center, Newton MA 2020 "Hello World" Internet Art Exhibition -Group Show Virtual Gallery, TransCultural exchange.org 2019 Workshop: "Networks & Computation in the Futures of Our Past" Galerie Weisser Elefant, Berlin, Germany 2018 Group Show AMP Gallery Provincetown, Massachusetts 2014 "We See Each Other All the Time" with Nita Sturiale Boston Cyberarts Gallery, Boston 2014 "Lessons in Tech Activism" (with Kendra Moyer, Steve Revilak) LibrePlanet Conference, MIT, Cambridge, MA 2013 "New Work" AMP Gallery Provincetown, Massachusetts 2013 "Selections" Bakalar and Paine Galleries Massachusetts College of Art and Design 2012 "DecodeRecode" -Celebrating 100 years of Alan Turing- group show MediaCity at University of Salford, UK 2011 "At the Last Minute and Just After" Group Film/Video Show Aviary Gallery, Boston 2011 "Video Work by Dana Moser" screening produced by Video Underground Spontaneous Celebrations, Boston 2010 Curator, "Path to Ground" Axiom Gallery, Boston Interactive and Kinetic Exhibition 2009 "Riders on the Train" Group Show Axiom Gallery, Boston "Tracking" video installation collaboration with Denise Marika 2009 Curator, "Talk to Me" Axiom Gallery, Boston Interactive and Kinetic Exhibition 2008 Curator, "From the Electric Studio" Axiom Gallery, Boston Interactive and Kinetic Exhibition 2007 Curator, "Endosymbiont" Axiom Gallery, Boston Interactive and Kinetic Exhibition 2006 Curator, "OHM" Axiom Gallery, Boston Interactive and Kinetic Exhibition 2005 Godine Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art "Tourism" -interactive installation for "Phenomena" Group Show (Boston Cyberarts Festival) 2004 WOW Cafe Theater, New York, NY Film screening included in "Carnal Carnival" cabaret 2003 Cambridge Multicultural Art Center Cambridge, MA Boston Underground Film Festival 2003 The New Art Center, Newton, MA Curator, Designer of "The Ballad of Wires and Hands" exhibit Interactive Installation, Kinetic and Light Sculpture 2002 Boston Underground Film Festival Boston 'Balagan Program' Oni Gallery 2002 Video Space Program, The Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline, MA 'Films and Videos by Dana Moser' 2001 Boston Architectural Center, Boston Augmented Realities -group show (Boston Cyberarts Festival) 2001 Institute of Contemporary Art Theater, Boston, MA "Soft Machines, Tender Buttons" Videos by Jackie Goss and Dana Moser 2001 Curator, "Electroland" Oni Gallery, Boston Interactive and Kinetic Exhibition 2000 Sherman Gallery Boston University 'Spirited Ruins' -a collaboration with digital artist/sculptors and programmers using a computer-generated virtual reality interacting with a gallery installation 1998 DeCordova Museum/WGBH television, producers 'The Electronic Canvas' included computer/robotic in documentary 1998 Bad Girrls Studios Jamaica Plain 'Films and Videos by Dana Moser' 1997 The Revolving Museum Boston Film Screening -Group Show 1995-6 Boston Center for the Arts Boston Sound Design for 'Out on the Edge' Theater Festival 1994 MIX NYC Film/Video Festival NYC, NY Cybertopia: Mapping Queer Spaces -Festival Featured Internet Art 1994 Westbeth Theater Center NYC, NY Adult Children of Heterosexuals Performance 1992 Institute of Contemporary Art Boston Video Installation 'Ways to See' Group Show 1991 Riverside Studios London ,England POSITIVE ACTS: Conference on Theater in AIDS Education Musician/Technical Director for Abe Rybeck's 'This Is Not a Test' 1991 Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Pittsburgh, PA 'Radio Skin' in 'Labyrinth' Group Show 1991 The Space Boston, Mass. HUMOR IN VIDEO ART Group Show 1990 Boston Film/Video Foundation Boston, Mass. FALL SCREENING SERIES, Group Show 1990 Tolgyfa Galleria, Budapest, Hungary 'Karten Projekt' -International computer arts mapping exhibition 1990 Epoche NY, NY 'Sex Salon' Group Show 1988 Collective for Living Cinema, N.Y., N.Y. Filmmakers Group Show 1988 San Francisco Cinematheque, S.F. California Cold Eye, Tattered Look : Super-8 from Boston 1987 Films at Cuando, NYC, N.Y. Films by Dana Moser and Jeff Priess 1986 42nd International Venice Biennale Venice, Italy Live sound, computer-text and slow-scan video 1986 New England Foundation for the Arts Traveling Exhibition Selections from the Cambridge Video Festival 1985 Brattle Theater Cambridge, Mass. 2nd Annual Cambridge Video Art Festival, Group Show 1984 Mobius Boston, Mass 'Meetings with Sons and Daughters' -One-Person Multi-media performance 1982 The National Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa and The Centre George Pompidou in Paris "Whorled in the Balance: the Perils of Pandora." -Experimental performance/satellite broadcast, created in collaboration with Rachel Weiss
Visiting Artist/Appointments 2020-2023 Department Chair, Studio for Interrelated Media Department, MassArt 2019 Berlin Sessions Residency, Berlin, Germany 2015 Art Technology New England Presentation with Fred Wolflink "Making Things Move, Talk, See and Give Off Light: The Evolution of a Curriculum in Physical Computing" 2013 Presenter: "Multimedia using Free Software and Open Source Hardware" OSCON International Open Source Conference, Portland, OR 2012 "New Media and Creative Activism" Visiting Artist, @Progress Bar, Bratislava, Slovakia 2012 Visiting Artist, Stanford University, Depart. of Art and Art History 2011 Moderator, 2011 Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts: "The Interconnected World" Boston, Massachusetts 2008 "Artbotics" Visiting Artist, UMass Lowell, Massachusetts 2006-2008 Department Chair, Media and Performing Arts Department, MassArt 2005-2012 Board member, Berwick Research Institute 2003 Board member, Turbulence.org 2002 NEMO New Media Showcase, Music, Art and Technology panelist 2000 San Francisco Art Institute, Visiting Artist/Lecturer 2000 UMass Amherst, visiting Artist/Lecturer in Electronic Media 1999 'Transmission' conference WGBH / MassArt, panelist 1998 Boston CyberArts Festival, Steering Committee member 1995 School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston - Faculty in video 1991 University of Rhode Island, Visiting Artist/Lecturer 1990 Telecommunications Art: "New Observations" journal 1986-present Massachusetts College of Art, Faculty 1986 Nantucket Island School of Design and the Arts, guest critic 1985 Monserrat College of Art, Visiting Artist/Lecturer 1983 Visible Language Workshop, M.I.T., visiting artist 1982 Brown University, Visiting Artist/Lecturer
2013 "Networked Projects in the Formative Years of the Internet" Content | Code | Process 1999 "The Electronic Canvas", -featured artist in television documentary on video history co-production, WGBH-TV and the DeCordova Museum 1998 Aspects of the Aesthetics of Telecommunications by Eduardo Kac 1996 "Safety in Numbers" Internet Underground Vol. 1 Issue 4 1990 "Notes on Telecommunication Art: Shifting Paradigms" Leonardo Journal of the International Society for Art Science and Technology Vol. 24, No. 2, 1991 1990 "Reflections on Information Space" New Observations May-June 1990 1988 "Electricity for Campesinos in a War Zone" Technology Review, March 1988, MIT Press 1986 "Notes on Information and Slow-Scan Video with Nicaragua" Xdream An Underground Film Magazine 1985 "New Technologies and the Media Arts Seminar" Art Papers 1985
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